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A press meet was organised by the two paediatric cardiac surgeons of RH, Dr Sridhar Reddy and Dr Benedict Raj, who represented from AP at the 7th World Conference on Paediatric Cardiac Diseases, held at Barcelona Spain from July 17 to 21.

Dr Sridhar Reddy and Dr Benedict Raj had made poster presentation on ‘International Quality Improvement Collaborative’ in the conference.With the help of NTR Vaidya Seva and MLNC Trust, the paediatric cardiac surgery was performed for Rs 75,000.

“Our main challenge was to convince the parents that the child needs an immediate surgery. The child needed a first stage (emergency) surgery, as he was very young for a complete operation to correct his heart defect. The very first surgery was conducted then where the doctor provided the lung with a small tube procedure, called the BT SHUNT, a surgical procedure generally used to increase pulmonary blood flow for palliation in duct dependent cyanotic heart defects like pulmonary atresia, which are common causes of blue baby syndrome. After this surgery was conducted, the “Blue Baby” became pink for the very first time since birth, that night, the child received enough oxygen”, said Dr. Benedict Raj, Cardiac surgeon.

Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) with Aortic Valve Prolapse, Moderate Aortic Valve Regurgitation’. “After realizing the fact that he cannot receive the right treatment in their country, his mother did an internet search to reach us through our website and would seek our appointment,” said Dr Reddy. He said they have performed VSD closure +Aortic valve repair surgeries under the lead of chief pediatric cardiac surgeon Dr R Benedict Raj. He said that they have performed more than 1200 pediatric cardiac procedures in the last 3 years after inaugurating Children’s Heart Institute.

According to hospital group managing director and chief cardiologist, Dr P Ramesh Babu, the baby was brought to the hospital in a critical condition was her body was turned into complete bluish and suffering with shortness of breath. “It has been diagnosed as transposition of The Great Arteries (TGA), which is a heart condition that is present at birth, and often is called a congenital heart defect. TGA occurs when the two main arteries going out of the heart—the pulmonary artery and the aorta—are switched in position, or transposed,”

He said that their hospital handled about 170 pediatric cardiac surgeries in the last one year including 130 button whole surgeries. Cardiologist Benedict Raj, anesthesia specialist Dr Viswanath, pediatrician Dr Tejasri were also part of the team that handled the operation.

An internet search helped them to zero in on Ramesh Hospitals and after seeking an appointment, Ms. Uluamma flew down here with her son. A team of doctors, led by chief pediatric cardiac surgeon R. Benedict Raj and chief paediatric cardiologist Srinath Reddy, performed the surgeries on February 6.



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